iHealthBeats on health IT in 2013 and 2014

iHealthBeat asked a variety of stakeholders to weigh in on health IT progress in 2013. Several experts reflected on the increased use of mobility (apps, sensors, wearable tech devices) and the significance of FDA guidance on mobile apps. At the same time an access to and utilization of EHR (Electronic Health Record) data disappoint: the case with 23andMe was mentioned. I applaud FDA for stopping the company of offering personal genome services, which to me always looked unproven and misleading: just think about how much damage has been done to people getting prognoses on potential diseases.

Also, there was mentioned a need in widespread use of personal Blue Button two-page sheets providing data on immunization, hospitalizations, medication, etc. — some kind of a fast accessible by any medical provider health web identifier (like SSN) for each person — which is very feasible in the nearest future. In any case, policies on ethics and use of medical data are becoming as important as never before: to develop health apps and analysis tools for medical, genomics, proteomics, and other omics data developers and researchers need first to have data, and as many as possible.


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