What are Gaming Big Data good for?


According to GamesBeat, companies now measure and on-the-fly adjust to a player many parameters in a game, like onboarding techniques, the time to rich a specific level, the rate at which players can pick up goodies, etc.

“Gaming companies are now manipulating all of these variables as needed to ensure gamers onboard, get engaged, and keep playing over the long haul. Because, of course, it’s all about retention. If you can retain players, you can monetize. If you can’t, you won’t make money.”

But in the long run, collection of gaming data is not only about retention. It is at much extent about monitoring the people’s gaming abilities and brain activities to design games for treating psychiatric and mood disorders, elevating pain, learning new skills and manipulating robots, sensors and nanobots (for example, inside the body). Gaming data are needed for learning robots and manipulating them. And gaming data will be eventually used for searching for individuals with unusual brains and motor functions — to learn more about human neurology, brain physiology and anatomy to design new medical treatments and to advance the human brain. What else can you imagine?


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