Russia’s leading search engine Yandex upgrades its Big Data devision


The Moscow times reports on changes in the Yandex’s management re Big Data.

“If Yandex decides to seriously pursue big data, there is a good chance that Russia will enter the international big-data market.”

So far, according to the report, the projects pursued by Yandex concerned mobile communications to predict which customers were most likely to change providers, services to an unnamed bank interested in reducing the number of ATMs that reject bank cards, and services to Russian oil company Rosneft and Norwegian oil company Statoil.

Btw, TechCrunch reported earlier on adding the Facebook and Big Data search capabilities to Yandex.

Above is a screenshot of Russian version of Yandex. While I can tell that when last time I visited Russia my friends did not understand what I meant by searching the Internet, they always spelled me the Russian names (in latin letters!) of websites where I should go for this and that. And truly, ignoring their advice to remember exact names, I could not find anything they mentioned in any search engine when I searched in Russia.


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