Internet of Things on UCSD campus


This post by BigData-Startups about the Internet of Things (IoT) (sensors, computers, machines, mobile devices — all connected) made me want to look no further than around me and write about the UC San Diego’s power microgrid, which is the US’s largest online microgrid and the world’s most efficient Solar Integrated Storage System. It also makes the UCSD campus of 100 buildings (12M square feet) 95% energy self-supporting.

Here are the slides about microgrid in general and about the replicability of UCSD microgrid to Pacific Islands. The PACE center at SDSC manages analytical projects for the microgrid, including running electrical, solar charged vehicles for commuting to the campus.

Almost all the buildings on campus have a roof like one shown in the photo above. Newly constructed buildings, San Diego Supercomputer Center new East wing of the building was one of the firsts, are “green” buildings with natural cooling and heating systems (I cherish an absence of AC in my office and existence of a window that can be open).


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