TechNavio’s market analysis: 14 trends to revolutionize data centers


TechNavio (the London based company covering the global market for more than 500 technologies across 80 countries) has analysed trends and reported the top 14 trends expected to have an enormous impact on the data center industry in the coming years. 

It is about more and more racks (“the data center rack market revenue crossed the billion dollar mark in 2013”), high density servers, micro servers (“The unit shipment of micro servers tripled in 2012 and doubled in 2013. Additionally, market revenue is expected to grow more than 50 percent yearly until 2018. Moreover, they are expected to gain more traction in the market as the demand for server efficiency and low-power architecture increases along with growth of Web 2.0 companies.”), 40G/100G and beyond Ethernet, “using less expensive, active, concerted, and adaptive methods to analyze and share data”, both structured and unstructured.


National Cancer Institute is to create a Cancer Genomics Cloud

Government Health IT reports on the NIH’s National Cancer Institute announcement to set up the cloud infrastructure toward the establishment of a full Cancer Knowledge Commons to enable “democratic access to NCI-generated genomic data”

“Today, researchers often have to mine genomics data from various sources by locating and downloading it — such as the Cancer Genome Atlas, the Cancer Genomics Hub and the International Cancer Genome Consortium — then add their own data and use it all on local hardware.

“This model has been successful for many years,” NCI officials wrote, “but is becoming untenable given the enormous growth of biomedical data since the advent of large-scale scientific programs such as the Cancer Genome Atlas,” which on its own this year is set to generate some 2.5 petabytes, half a petabyte less than the Library of Congress’ digital collection.”

This year, $20M will be spend on awarding contractors to deliver a cloud pilot.

Data Centers (Cloud) market to grow to $200 Billion by 2020

The estimate of $200 Billion for the global cloud market is provided by IBM. Although it might be an underestimate as, in 2012, the European Cloud Computing Strategy outlined actions to deliver a net gain of 2.5 million new European jobs and an annual boost of €160 Billion by 2020, which is more than USA$200 Billion (at today’s exchange rate) for Europe alone, not counting for the US and Asian markets.